Industrial solutions
for printed electronics
Our Solution

Thanks to our high volume manufacturing process, we meet printed industry needs which require flexible copper-based electronic circuits.


Our copper-based EOPROM® formulation promotes adhesion on any plastic substrate that allows metal deposits. Low environmental footprint technology. We deposit our Eoprom only on the dedicated areas.


Our EOPROM® paste provides excellent adhesion to all thermoplastic and thermoset substrates as well as flexible plastics including glass fibers for smart composite manufacturing.

Metallization of plastics
and composites

The EOPROM® paste is a precursor to the metallization of plastics, so various metals can be deposited, in particuliar copper but also nickel, tin, silver and gold.
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Our Products


R2R process developed by MCVE Technologie which uses the EOPROM® paste for high volume industrial manufacturing.


Formulation patented by MCVE Technologie allows very good adhesion on all plastic materials with metallization possibilities.
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