R2R (Roll to Roll) and S2S (Sheet To Sheet) processes which allow the industrial production of high-volume of additive flexible electronic circuits using EOPROM® paste.

The use of metallization baths in the EOPROMFLEX® process makes it possible to modulate the final conductivity of the material and therefore broadens the fields of application of the final product (antennas, electronic circuits, connectors, heating, electromagnetic shielding…).



Formulation developed and patented by MCVE Technologie which allows a very good adhesion on any plastic and composite substrate, without any specific preparation of the substrate, with galvanic metallization properties.
Technical specifications
of feasibility
MCVE Technologie has a technical team that can manufacture proofs of concept on any flexible plastic material that can be functionalized. Our laboratory answers your requests for the manufacture of samples for the qualification of high value added plastic products.

We have the necessary equipment in our laboratory to deposit EOPROM® paste on your plastic substrates.

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